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My Current Organization System as of 2023

Posted on:August 21, 2023 at 10:12 PM

This is just another piece of documentation about my organization system since systems evolve over time, this is what fits me today and might change in the future.

So in a nutshell these are the digital/physical tools I use every day (2023) to help me more organized and “productive”

1- Bullet Journal Pen and paper first thing in the morning is the best way to huddle my anxiety and frustration before the day hits me with its problems. I try to log everything as much as I can and to follow the rapid logging concept which I find is the only way to help my faulty brain to function. This is my current journal, and [pen]( dp/B00GS8HO34?psc=1).

2- Logseq Logseq is my digital note-taking app of choice, it’s minimal easy to learn, and fun to work with I use it to build [my digital zettelkästen]( (/mustafah15/zettelkasten) I have different projects/graphs in Logseq one for work and another one for my technical notes which I open-sourced and deployed on


This is where I journal it’s really special because you can attach photos & videos from that day and have it with some sentences you add to describe your feelings or state :)

As I mentioned above this is what I currently use and fit my needs might change it later, remember these are just tools.