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My leetcode Solutions In Javascript

Posted on:June 11, 2020 at 10:12 PM
problem on leet codesolutiontags
110. Balanced Binary Treesolutioneasy, bfs, trees
102. Binary Tree Level Order TraversalsolutionMedium, bfs, trees
107. Binary Tree Level Order Traversal IIsolutioneasy, bfs, trees
101. Symmetric Treesolutioneasy, dfs, trees
103. Binary Tree Zigzag Level Order TraversalsolutionMedium, bfs, trees
199. Binary Tree Right Side ViewsolutionMedium, bfs, trees
111. Minimum Depth of Binary TreesolutionEasy, dfs, trees
112. Path SumsolutionEasy, bfs, trees
113. Path Sum IIsolutionMedium, bfs, backtrack, trees
114. Flatten Binary Tree to Linked ListsolutionMedium, bfs, trees
100. Same TreesolutionEasy, trees, bfs
110. Balanced Binary Treesolutioneasy, tree, dfs
1. Two SumsolutionEasy, HashTable
136. Single NumbersolutionEasy, HashTable
202. Happy NumbersolutionEasy, Math, HashTable
217. Contains DuplicatesolutionEasy, HashTable, Sets
219. Contains Duplicate IIsolutionEasy, HashTable
1207. Unique Number of OccurrencessolutionEasy, HashTable
13. Roman to IntegersolutionEasy, Strings
151. Reverse Words in a StringsolutionMedium, Strings
14. Longest Common PrefixsolutionEasy, Strings
67. Add BinarysolutionEasy, Strings
22. Generate ParenthesessolutionMedium, Backtrack, Strings
53. Maximum SubarraysolutionEasy, Dynamic Programming
121. Best Time to Buy and Sell StocksolutionEasy, Dynamic Programming
122. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock IIsolutionEasy, Dynamic Programming
62. Unique PathssolutionMedium, Dynamic Programming
120. TrianglesolutionMedium, Dynamic Programming
49. Group AnagramssolutionMedium, HashTable
283. Move ZeroessolutionEasy, Array
844. Backspace String ComparesolutionEasy, String, Stack
155. Min StacksolutionEasy, Array, Stack
543. Diameter of Binary TreesolutionEasy, Trees, DFS
5. Longest Palindromic SubstringsolutionMedium, Strings
144. Binary Tree Preorder TraversalsolutionMedium, dfs, trees
94. Binary Tree Inorder TraversalsolutionMedium, dfs, trees
739. Daily TemperaturessolutionMedium, Stack, Arrays
3. Longest Substring Without Repeating CharacterssolutionMedium, String, Arrays
2. Add Two NumberssolutionMedium, LinkedList
300. Longest Increasing SubsequencesolutionMedium, Dynamic Programming
46. PermutationssolutionMedium, Backtracking
230. Kth Smallest Element in a BSTsolutionMedium, Binary Search Tree, dfs
56. Merge IntervalssolutionMedium, Arrays
133. Clone GraphsolutionMedium, Graph
841. Keys and RoomssolutionMedium, Graph